The Day Before – The Scam Game That Shut Down 4 Days After Launch!

Well, well, well… who would’ve guessed! One of the most hyped and wishlisted games, The Day Before is… well… DEAD a mere 4 days after its early access launch.

What happened? And why was it so bad?

A Brief Sojourn into Desolation

“The Day Before” embarked on its journey with a promise of a five-year development effort by FNTASTIC. However, the reality was a far cry from the expectations set by the enticing trailers and gameplay snippets. The game’s early access release revealed a project that hardly resembled the survival shooter fans had been eagerly anticipating.

Technical Turmoil and Performance Predicaments

One of the first jarring aspects encountered by players was the severe performance issues. Even on high-end gaming setups, such as a GeForce RTX 4070 Ti and Ryzen 3900x-equipped PC, the game struggled with bugs and glitches. These technical woes created a frustrating and often unplayable experience, leaving players questioning the legitimacy of the initial hype.

The Day Before

Unfulfilled Promises and Missing Features

“The Day Before” failed to deliver on its lofty promises, showcasing a stark contrast to the dynamic environments and intense firefights depicted in its pre-release materials. Instead, players found themselves traversing a static cityscape devoid of depth and excitement. The absence of essential features like multiplayer menus, voice chat, and meaningful NPC interactions only compounded the disappointment.

A Desolate World with No Substance

The game’s open-world concept proved to be a mere illusion, as “The Day Before” functioned more as an extraction shooter with a singular objective – collect loot and reach extraction points before succumbing to the lifeless surroundings. With no persistent progression system, players faced the frustration of losing everything upon death, contributing to a sense of regression rather than advancement. The false advertisment of an open-world MMO game was clearly seen here, much to the disappointment of EVERY SINGLE USER.

A Symphony of Shortcomings

“The Day Before” lacked unique zombie encounters, bosses, or diverse weather effects. Its landscape, despite a superficial appeal, offered limited exploration and failed to provide engaging challenges. The absence of an engaging narrative beyond a basic tutorial and the mundane nature of procedurally-generated quests left players with little motivation to continue their ventures in this desolate world.

The Grim Verdict

In the aftermath of its abrupt downfall, “The Day Before” stands as a testament to unmet expectations and broken promises. Its swift removal from sale, coupled with the closure of the developer, paints a grim picture of a game that fell disastrously short of the standards expected in the gaming industry.

As the remnants of “The Day Before” linger in the memories of those who dared to venture into its world, the broader gaming community is left with a cautionary tale. It serves as a stark reminder that the path from anticipation to triumph is not guaranteed and that developers must prioritize delivering a polished and engaging experience to avoid a catastrophic collapse.

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