KINGMAKERS – The New Fun RTS To Get Behind!

Have you ever wondered what might’ve happened if you were in the middle ages with a bazooka and if you could’ve changed the course of war?

Have you ever wondered how it feels to play an RTS like Age of Empires but with a goddamn first person perspective?!?!

Well. It’s time to stop wondering, and actually playing. Presenting Kingmakers, a game that transports players to medieval Great Britain, where they take on the role of an elite task force operative sent back 500 years to prevent a future apocalypse. Players have the option to align with England, Scotland, or Wales, and their choices throughout the game can significantly alter the course of human history, leading to multiple possible endings.

What more could you want? Choppers raining down destruction and hellfire in the 15th century? HELL YEAH! Machine guns and ARs with Knights?! That sounds like the best gaming night plan ever.

Basically History channel at night. “How many kingdoms could you conquer if you had a gun and infinite ammo in the medieval times?” This is something EVERY man has thought at least once in his life.

So, tell us. Are you excited? Are you ready to unleash pure havoc and carnage in the middle ages?

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