Doom: The Dark Ages Trailer OUT NOW!

Doom fans – time to rejoice. The trailer for the much awaited new Doom game has finally launched. A story that dives back into time, wayyy before the 2 DOOM (reboots) games took place – crazy weapons and even crazier demons… Things are about to get absolutely insane.

What It’s About

DOOM: The Dark Ages is a single-player action first-person shooter that serves as a prequel to the highly praised DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal. Step into the boots of the DOOM Slayer, the iconic warrior dedicated to battling the forces of Hell. Set to release in 2025, this game will delve into the gripping and cinematic origin story of the DOOM Slayer’s fury and relentless fight against demonic hordes.

What to Expect

The trailer showcases a variety of new elements and gameplay features:

  • Medieval Arsenal: Players will wield a diverse array of medieval weapons, including swords, axes, and crossbows, each with its own unique combat style and capabilities.
  • Dark and Atmospheric Environments: The game features richly detailed environments that bring the medieval setting to life. Expect to explore dark forests, eerie dungeons, and ancient ruins, each filled with secrets and hidden dangers.
  • Intense Combat: Staying true to the Doom legacy, Doom: The Dark Ages offers fast-paced and brutal combat. Players will face off against waves of demonic enemies, utilizing both melee and ranged attacks to survive.
  • Engaging Storyline: The game weaves a captivating narrative, drawing players into a world of dark magic, ancient prophecies, and epic battles. The story will unfold through immersive cutscenes and in-game discoveries.

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