Black Ops 6 Is HERE… First Thoughts!

A few days ago, Activision released the first gameplay trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 6. Lock. and LOAD. It releases worldwide on October 25. Still some time to go, but the story mode seems very interesting to say the least.

Lots of action as usual, but this time the concept is – having a mole? Within the government? Well as if we haven’t seen that before.

Black Ops 6‘s campaign is set during the early 1990s, following the events of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2020) and the 1980s flashbacks from Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012). This game is touted as a “dynamic and intense spy thriller” where players will constantly question who they can trust and what is real. The story delves into the aftermath of the Cold War and includes a depiction of the Gulf War. During this tumultuous period, the CIA has been infiltrated by a mysterious new force, causing many operatives to go rogue after being labeled as traitors.

That’s VERY MUCH MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION, fellas. I mean sure it’s a tried and tested formula, let’s just see if it works this time as well.

The good thing is that there are way more maps and modes than before, so that’s a new change of pace and a great addition to the already existing roster.

In Black Ops 6, Treyarch is revolutionizing player movement with a new global system called Omnimovement. This groundbreaking feature allows players to sprint, slide, and dive in any direction—forward, sideways, and backward—enabling them to maneuver like true Black Ops action heroes. The innovation facilitates seamless chaining of combat maneuvers, including sliding, diving, and a newly enhanced supine prone, all with a full 360-degree range of motion.

During development, Treyarch pondered, “What if you could sprint in any direction?” This idea naturally extended to sliding and diving in any direction as well, opening up a wealth of new movement possibilities. With a simple yet highly engaging prototype, the team quickly realized that this was more than a minor tweak; it fundamentally changes how players think and play the game.

Omnimovement isn’t just about moving faster or adjusting the slide cancel timing; it’s a comprehensive approach to redefining player movement in Black Ops 6.

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