Batman: Arkham Shadow Teaser Trailer OUT!

WB has finally given an official teaser trailer for the new Batman game in the Arkham series. Although it looks great, this is not something that gets all the fans hyped up – for the sole reason that this is an exclusive game for the Meta Quest 3.

Now take it as it comes, but most people will NOT purchase a brand new VR console just to play the new Batman game. Even though the teaser looks epic visually, it comes with a high price tag attached to it due to the VR set. It’s like wanting to play Mario Kart without a Switch console. You wouldn’t just buy a whole console to play ONE game, yes?

Exactly. Since this is exclusively a VR game, there will probably not be a direct PC Port for it. Or even for Playstation 5. Fans are immensely disappointed that this is an exclusive title, especially because the Arkham games in general have been amazing and a part of the nostalgia that WB is apparently ruining.

Maybe the players can revolt against WB and make them realize their mistake? It worked for Helldivers 2! Did you miss what happened with that game? Well, SONY tried to make it PSN exclusive… and all “hell” broke loose. Check out the video that encapsulates most of the points and breaks the situation down for you.

Well, that’s it for the update…

What do you think about the new game teaser? Do you think Batman: Arkham Shadow will be a hit or a miss with the fans? Let us know in the comments below! Meanwhile you can also check out for the coolest discounts on games, softwares and more 😉

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