The Banana Game On Steam Is Gonna Make You RICH!

This post is bananas. Haven’t you heard? This crazy “Banana” game on Steam is somehow the fourth most played game soon taking over (hopefully not!) COD, DOTA 2 and even CS2. Why is this happening?

A random indie game called “BANANA” on Steam is the reason why. According to their Steam description:

“Banana is a clicker Game, in which you click a Banana! In Banana you click the Banana to gain even more Bananas! Every 3 and 18 hours, you get dropped a banana. Each banana is also made by the community in discord. Come hang out with us and let’s grow into something awesome!”

Well that’s it. It’s a Unity based clicker game aimed to give you drops. Now, these drops are extremely random, and you can get something worth a couple of cents to a few dollars, to even hundreds of them. And the best part = the game is absolutely FREE!

There is literally no gameplay. You just CLICK a banana. I can’t believe I’m actually typing this lmao

In the above videos you can see the range of drops and what type of game it actually is…. So. Who’s actually gonna download this game?

Well let us know if you do! {and buy our stuff with the free banana drops hehe ;)}

Steam Summer Sale 2022 – Hints From The Future

New year, new summer sale. Dubbed as Steam Summer Sale 3000, we have an amazing discount storewide on Steam.

Steam Summer Sale 2022

There’s a cool cyberpunk-ish twist this time though – Steam wants us to believe that it’s from the year 3000 and has a cool treasure hunt mini-game inside, during the life of this sale. Everyone can participate!

Simply click on the FREE FUN THIS WAY sign and you’re in!

Steam Summer Sale 3000 Treasure Hunt

When you do reach the page, you need to solve 10 riddles and find the games corresponding to the hints given in the riddles. Don’t worry though! It’s not that hard. The goal is to reach the highest badge level, i.e. Level 10. Of course, we here at have it. (You can trust our platform to buy product keys hehe)

After you’re done, you’ll get a snazzy badge and some cool items! (Won’t spoil what those are for you yet!) If you cannot solve the riddles by yourself and need some assistance, watch this video below that explains how to get the answers 🙂

More importantly, have tons of fun solving! Now, to the other main question – What are you buying? The prices look too good to pass on this time! Hope you have a great time during this sale and don’t forget to stay hydrated in this hot weather! 🙂