First 13 Minutes of CONTROL Released!

Control Wallpaper Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Games have lived up to their expectations time and again – Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break….and now finally with Control.

The game looks beautiful, and as you can probably tell, there’s a nice supernatural theme added to it.

Originally to come out as a sequel to Quantum Break, Control is a totally different game, although there are many easter eggs and nods to the former, and a possibility of them even being in the same universe!

Control Gameplay Remedy Entertainent
Control Gameplay – Remedy Entertainent

Yesterday, IGN just released the first 13 minutes of all new Control gameplay! You can check it out below!

Cool things to know about Control –

Third Person Perspective Gameplay

Northlight Engine used, same one used for Quantum Break

You wield a supernatural weapon, called the Service Weapon and as
Jesse Faden you must find what happened to your brother, and also bring order to the FBC (Federal Bureau of Control) from an outworldly force called the Hiss.

More on this later – just enjoy the video for now and immerse yourself in the brilliant gameplay!

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