Should You Buy Hogwarts Legacy?

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Hogwarts Legacy has been one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and already is super hyped up. And for good reason too – imagine an open-world game in the Harry Potter universe where you could choose your destiny; and that means choosing and customizing your own characters, houses, and more!

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Image
Hogwarts Legacy – Choosing A Wand

Of course, this game hasn’t received any less hate due to the controversies it has been through, but we at literally do not give 2 shits about that. We purely focus on the game, the design, the gameplay, and everything that has to do with the GAME and not the shenanigans attached to it.

It’s already breaking records! As you can see below – it’s unreal. It also had one of the biggest early access launches in the history of Steam.

This game is beautiful, intuitive and smooth on the eyes. Tons of activities and things to do, it reminds us of the good old times of the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets game. AND THERE’S A POSSIBILITY THAT YOU CAN PLAY QUIDDITCH! How cool is that?!

Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch Might Be A Possibility

The reviews for the game are looking solid at the moment… and guess what house is the most picked house in the game by far.

You guessed it right! Slytherin! It’s only super new so that will most definitely change. But we all remember taking the Pottermore Quiz at some point in our lives, so this is a nice little bit of nostalgia to look back at.

Watch the gameplay below and decide for yourselves if you should get the game! Our verdict: Definitely worth a try!

And here’s IGN’s review, because without the classic “11/10” review to make you laugh, this article would be incomplete.

Let us know if you get the game or have already tried it in the comments below!

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Have fun 😉