Top 5 Borderlands 3 Memes/Hidden Jokes

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Borderlands 3 is an amazing game – and has received extremely positive reviews from both the critics and our fellow gamers.

But what makes this game so great isn’t just the graphics, or the action, or anything else in general – it’s the little details that make you go “Heh, nice.”

That’s exactly what they’ve done – and HOW!

Here are some cool moments from the game that are references to some memes in popular culture.

5. zer0’s face can display UwU

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zer0’s UwU/OwO face

Cute/funny, you decide, but zerO can display this face in-game.

4. Location named “BIG DOCK ENERGY”

There’s a location named BDE – a reference I’m sure I don’t have to explain, and you can visit it, if you want.

3. The big S U C C

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The Big Succ

There’s a side mission that wants you to “Find the big SUCC”

I guess we all proper cracked up at this, completing this is truly a real life accomplishment as well.

2. Battle Wick and Warty

So uhhh yeah you can battle Rick and Morty in the game, reference to the show – and it’s pretty clever – since both Wick and Warty (in-game) can use green portals to teleport and attack you. Super clean and simple – makes you chuckle!

1. 69 – NICE 😉

Your character lets out a small “heh heh” when they do 69 damage exactly to any opponent – it’s hilarious.

Well, these are super subtle and make the game even more enjoyable. Pretty neat, eh?

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